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There are four strategy values:


saturate(I,J,Strategy => Iterate) -- indicates that successive ideal or module quotients should be used.

This value is the default.


saturate(I,J,Strategy => Linear)Strategy => Linear -- indicates that the reverse lex order should be used to compute the saturation.

This presumes that J is a single, linear polynomial, and that I is homogeneous.


saturate(I,f,Strategy => Bayer) -- indicates that the method of Bayer's thesis should be used.

The method is to compute (I:f) for I and f homogeneous, add a new variable z, compute a Gröbner basis of (I,f-z) in reverse lex order, divide by z, and finally replace z by f.


saturate(I,f,Strategy => Eliminate) -- indicates that the saturation (I:f) should be computed by eliminating fz from (I,f*z-1), where z is a new variable.

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Functions with optional argument named Strategy :