Here we provide the public half of the GnuPG key pair used to sign Macaulay2 distribution files, in gpg binary (unarmored) format and in gpg text (armored) format. The former is useful with the cygwin "setup" program, and the latter is useful with the linux "rpm" program.

The fingerprint of the key is

  CD9C 0E09 B0C7 8094 3A1A  D855 53F8 BD99 F40D CB31

To add the key to your gpg key ring, save the file and issue this command:

  gpg --import Macaulay2-key

Then, to verify a signature contained in a file called foo.sig, say, issue this command:

  gpg --verify foo.sig

To add this key to the key ring of your Ubuntu or Debian system's package manager, issue this command:

    apt-key add Macaulay2-key

To add this key to your "rpm" key ring in your redhat-based linux system, issue this command:

  sudo rpm --import Macaulay2-key.txt

To use the key to check an internally signed rpm file called foo.rpm, issue this command:

  rpm --checksig foo.rpm